Get the library of AI prompts to 10x your content creation process across your business.


A Library of Essential Prompt Templates

for content creators and solopreneurs.

Turn AI tools like ChatGPT and Bing into full-fledged assistants on any project in your business — working 24/7 and for free.

Capture brilliant ideas and choose the best ones, plan your content, conduct research in a fraction of the time, write video scripts, social media content, generate viral hooks, optimize for SEO, and respond to emails professionally.

This Library Helps You...


Collect all your AI prompts in one place


Document plug-and-play prompt templates with examples, use-cases, and notes


Sort prompts by task, AI model, faves, and most used

What's Included

$39 USD

AI Prompt Library for Creators & Solopreneurs

  • Comprehensive AI Prompt Library Notion Template
  • 30+ Ready to Use Prompts (*personally selected by Brie)
  • 5 Minute Setup with Video Tutorial + Instructions
  • Filter Prompts by Task, AI Model, Faves, and Most-used
  • Access to Future Updates
  • 30 Day Money-back Guarantee



I'm Brie Kirbyson

I’ve built a YouTube channel with over 20,000 subscribers and 1.3 million views, helping ambitious people join the creator economy & leverage AI to do big things. 

In early 2023 I started experimenting with ChatGPT to see how it could help me up-level my content creation process and business. 

Since including AI in my content creation process, I’ve DOUBLED my Youtube Channel in the span of 3 months, had my first video reach +100k views, and made my content creation process 10x more efficient. 

Today, I use AI tools in in various places across my entire content creation process — from idea generation, script writing, Youtube thumbnails, email newsletters and more. 

This Notion Prompt Library Template contains the exact system I use to 10x my content creation process across my entire business today.